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Young Minds 
Beyond The 

Welcome to Enrich360!
We create captivating, AI enhanced learning experiences for children aged 6-16 globally.
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Enrich360 cultivates diverse enrichment skills in children to promote individuality and balanced learning, potentially influencing future academic or career choices. 


Interactive, gamified courses

in Arts, Life Skills, Sports, Tech & Well-being for children aged 6-16. 


Explore a new subject or improve an existing one!


Select a 3D AI Avatar as your on-demand, interactive teaching companion.


Start your course!

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Expert-Designed Curriculum

Our courses, crafted with top institutions and experts, cover global subjects for diverse learners.

Catering to the diverse needs of modern learners, we offer both live and on-demand online courses.

Flexible Learning Formats 
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Interactive AI Technology

Our courses are brought to life with real-time AI Avatar assistants, designed to engage and captivate young minds. 

Our gamified learning journey makes acquiring new skills informative and immensely engaging, fun and motivational.

Gamified Learning Approach
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Enrich, Inspire, Achieve...


Global research found children engaged in diverse informal learning were 58% more likely to take on leadership responsibilities.

source: LEGO Foundation.


of parents would prefer their child to attend a school prioritising extra-curricular activities and life skills over academic achievements.

source: The Laidlaw foundation.

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Subject Range

Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul.

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AI Boosts Learning!


An MIT study demonstrated students spent 43% more time engaged in active learning when guided by an AI avatar coach within an online environment.

source: MIT Media Lab.

Researchers found an AI avatar acting as a virtual teaching assistant helped students master concepts with 78% accuracy, surpassing human TAs.

source: SKIMA.


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