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Our Story

Motivated by the profound impact holistic education had on her son, our founder Myca Lee created a unique London-based programme that combined creative, emotional and physical activities, helping children to explore their passions and unlock their unique abilities, shaping well-rounded individuals for tomorrow's world.

Building on its success and her entrepreneurial background in technology, Myca pivoted the concept to online, making it accessible to a global community of learners.

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Our Team

Dedicated to impacting future generations.

Myca Lee
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Jens Y Zimmermann
Charly Harbord
Will Geddes
Michael Spencer Phillips
Warren Kornblum
Anthony Williams
Philip Guarino
Chris Penny
Michael Roulston MBE
Wesley Branch
Patrick Derham OBE
Jenny Knott
Demian Lichtenstein
Kevin Campbell
Helen Archer
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